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Professional Editor

I am a professional freelance editor by night and by day I am a copy editor for online courses with one of Canada's top universities. Previously, I worked for Canada's largest publishing house before my foray into academic coursework. I have been editing and working in the  publishing business for over five years, both in house and on a freelance basis. I specialize in copy editing and proofreading, as well as substantive and stylistic editing for projects in the earlier stages of writing. 

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Dana has worked as a freelancer on a wide variety of editorial projects for the Azrieli Foundation’s Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program — from a complex, lengthy anthology to shorter testimonies and memoirs. I have engaged her copy-editing and proofreading services several times over the past four years and have always been impressed with her sensitivity to the material, her skills in spotting inconsistencies and marking repetitions, and her attention to our style guide. Dana always submits her work on time, often working within tight schedules, and I highly recommend her!
Arielle Berger 

Managing Editor 

Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program

Past Projects

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