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I am a professional freelance editor by night and by day I am a copy editor for online courses with one of Canada's top universities. Previously, I worked for Canada's largest publishing house before my foray into academic coursework. I have been editing and working in the book publishing business for over five years, both in house and on a freelance basis. I specialize in copy editing and proofreading, as well as substantive and stylistic editing for projects in the earlier stages of writing. 


In Roy MacSkimming's book The Perilous Trade, publishing has often been called a "perilous trade," and it is a worthwhile peril that has beckoned since my discovery that behind every great author is an invested editor.

A silent coach and cheerleader, an editor's name may not grace the cover of a book, but one certainly has their fingerprints all over its pages' content.

Having never been a mathematician, I understand an author's struggle to find the right answer while writing (much like my personal dilemma with solving x). Artistically inclined, this is where I come in, helping to curate your writing, so it can put on its most stunning display — stylistically, structurally, and grammatically. 

Allow me to be your writing's personal stylist, enabling your words to put their best foot forward. Whether you're making a scholarly argument or telling an enthralling story, I edit it all with a detailed and patient eye.

Exceeding expectations and clearing away the clutter to present the inner genius one project at a time.

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